Design & Engineering

Our design team views every client’s design as a new challenge to break the mold, yet always keeping their budget in mind.

Using state-of-the-art software, we are able to quickly create any design in a 3D environment and output realistic renderings that can be digitally sent anywhere…anytime. That software, when coupled with the latest hardware, allows the use of more artistic designs. Meaning we can make almost anything you can think up!

We always effort the shortest lead time from client to Sales to Design and back to client. This allows the client to see what they are getting before any physical parts need to be made. Changes are digital and the design can be easily & quickly updated. It also helps eliminate confusion, time spent making physical samples, and costly changes to those samples.

However, when a physical sample is needed, having the 3D information dramatically speeds up the process from design to sample…aka getting physical samples in clients’ hands faster.


The goal of any engineering department is to communicate the information needed to have your products made with the highest quality & in the most efficient way possible. We excel at this.

Starting with a close integration of the Design & Engineering departments, we are able to quickly turn any design into production drawings. These drawings are the cornerstone of our production process. Adhering to these documents ensures the accuracy of the final product.

Our Engineering department works closely with the production staff to maintain the quality you expect for your displays. And since our software is integrated with our production CNC machines, we help ensure 100% accuracy on every part.

Many years of experience has bred a meticulousness to detail that shows in every display we produce.